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Jim Russo, founder of fuelguruTM, pays tribute to former Executive Vice President of Hart Energy and noted worldwide clean fuels advocate.                                     "Fred Potter did more to help further the fuelguruTM mission than any other person or organization in the auto/oil business. He was a true gentleman in an otherwise very tough business." JAMES RUSSO                View Hart Energy memorial to Fred Potter. 

January 2018-James Russo releases updated and expanded 'Alkylate, The Future of Clean Gasoline 2018' white paper. Inquire about purchasing!

March 2016-James Russo releases updated 'Alkylate, The Future of Clean Gasoline 2016' white paper.  

 July 2014-James Russo writes 'Alkylate-The Future of Clean Gasoline' for CB&I/Lummus

February 2014-James Russo explains Diesel Fuel Performance Standards with Professional Mariner Magazine

November 21, 2013-Jim Russo presented 'Diesel Fuel Performance Standards' at the                         2013 Pacific Marine Expo

September 21, 2011, Jim Russo brings independent third party leadership to the historic Hart Energy Conference in Washington, DC-                           'The Future of Transportation Fuels in the U.S.'

October 2010-ANNOUNCING!!  Jim Russo kicked off three days of technical presentations in the Alternative and Advanced Fuels session matrix with his fuelguru TM concept at the                              2010 SAE International Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting

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November 2009-Jim Russo first introduces the fuelguruTM concept at  the                             2009 SAE International Powertrains, Fuels, and Lubricants Meeting 

>>>April 29, 2008 fuelguruTM is launched!!!

If you are a consumer of transportation fuel, you probably have a lot more questions than answers right now.

fuelguruTM is an unbiased third party advocating competition and cooperation among auto and oil companies towards higher quality transportation fuels and vehicle maintenance programs for the benefit of the consumer and the environment. This strategy is backed by stakeholder education, training and information exchange.

Transportation industry professionals such as gasoline and diesel distributors, fleet operators and vehicle service personnel should educate themselves about fuel to make better fuel-related decisions that could improve vehicle performance, reduce fuel consumption and minimize emissions. Find out more about transportation fuel programs.

Please, be a responsible consumer and at least educate yourself on the basics of gasoline detergency and vehicle maintenance.

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Established 2008

What everyone should know about gasoline and diesel fuel

The Future of Clean Gasoline and Diesel Fuel= NoCrude... read more 

Jim Russo, through fuelguruTM , promotes ultra-clean, natural gas derived synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels as the solution to the tremendous global vehicle/transportation fueled toxic urban smog crisis, as well as the best way to move away from crude oil.

Since most vehicle systems are computerized, fuel is one of the few remaining components that should be addressed with vehicle maintenance. What should my dealer provide when servicing my vehicle?

Clean gasoline and diesel fuels mean clean engines. Clean engines mean better vehicle performance and better environmental air quality. What are clean gasoline and diesel fuels?


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january 2018

This is a big story because the cost of diesel fuel impacts everything we buy-Diesel cracks the $3 a gallon mark Read more

Turning soybeans into diesel fuel is costing us billions Read more

Authorities work against the clock to clean up oil spill off of China's coast Read more

Pressure builds for Trump to change federal ethanol mandate Read more

Brazil considers lifting tariff on U.S. ethanol Read more

Renewable Fuel Standard standstill Read more

december 2017

U.S. refiners running hard this winter give oil a demand a boost Read more

Ethanol producers hail opening of Japan's markets, expect sales to top last year's Read more

U.S. judge orders oil-spill response plan for Dakota Access Pipeline Read more

Exxon joins in rush to supply newly free Mexico fuel market Read more

India is biggest importer of U.S. oil refinery by-product 'petcoke' Read more

Exxon merging oil refining and marketing units Read more

U.S. exporting its fuel waste product to already polluted India Read more

november 2017

Stakes high for Houston in Saudi power struggle Read more

NJ lawmakers ask EPA to waive ethanol rule for local gasoline Read more

Saudi Arabia would take oil prices back to $100 again Read more

Struggling Philadelphia refiner sells biofuel credits, raises cash Read more

RFA:U.S. ethanol exports down Read more

DowDuPont closes Iowa ethanol plant Read more

Gasoline flows away from New York Harbor as Midwest prices soar Read more

 october 2017

'The fear of dying' pervades Southern California's oil-polluted enclaves Read more

Hurricane Nate shuts down about 90% of Gulf of Mexico oil production Read more

Judge rules EPA to release more documents on ethanol test fuels Read more

 september 2017

Texas oil refineries still badly hurting from Harvey Read more

Tank failures during Harvey expose vulnerabilities in storm Read more

          august 2017

Hurricane Harvey closes key oil, gas operations in Texas Read more

Ethanol's contribution to a record-breaking dead zone in Gulf of Mexico Read more

U.S. gasoline production running near record levels Read more

Ethanol makers steer away from fuel, turn to booze Read more

Des Moines Register: Ethanol is heading towards obsolescence  Read more

Do fossil fuel protesters know how much those fuels impact their lives? Read more

Ethanol tariffs, quotas could start trade war Read more

Burn more corn to avoid overproduction, ethanol leaders say Read more

july 2017

 Ethanol bill defeated in Senate Read more

Trump's risky offshore oil strategy Read more 

june 2017

U.S. refiners process record volume of crude as demand climbs Read more

 may 2017

Funeral for a friend:Wave goodbye to the light-duty diesel Read more

Oil-the great equalizer Read more

The great U.S. oil export boom Read more

Offshore drillers-Are we about to experience an oil rally again? Read more

april 2017

2nd company shuts oil, gas wells after fatal Colorado blast Read more

Tough selling EVs when gasoline cheaper than water Read more

Global crude oil discoveries plunge to a record low, and it's only gonna get worse Read more

Increasing number of Americans willing to drive further, pay more for ethanol-free gasoline Read more

UAI challenges CRC ethanol study, calls test procedures flawed Read more

Volkswagen cars suddenly 'lose power' after diesel scandal upgrades Read more

march 2017

North Dakota oil spill three times larger than first estimated Read more

Water set to become more valuable than oil Read more

U.S. oil refiners push for biofuels overhaul at White House Read more

Environmental impact overlooked as ethanol production drives grassland loss Read more

Trump's fuel economy standard cuts could cripple innovation Read more

Suncor oil refinery spewed hundreds of pounds of toxic gases over Denver -Again Read more

Donald Trump's EPA, and other budget cuts threaten oil refinery safety, critics say Read more

Forget about some important details, and this story works:Octane premium offsets ethanol's energy penalty Read more

New, safer U.S. rail cars gather dust even as ethanol trains grow longer Read more

Diesel might not be running on fumes after all Read more

Judge won't stop oil from flowing through disputed Dakota Access pipeline Read more

Should the ethanol industry do a deal with the devil? Read more

Oil market is about to get 'ugly' Read more

Ethanol train derailment prompts calls for quicker replacement of older cars Read more

NTSB:Fire at Iowa ethanol train derailment still burning Saturday Read more

Mexicans line up at first foreign-owned gas station Read more

Ethanol dispute gets political Read more

Oil industry heading for next crisis if things don't change, experts warn Read more

No spills after train carrying ethanol derails in Providence, RI Read more

Rumor on backdoor anti-ethanol deal shot down Read more

U.S. oil industry becomes refiner to world as exports boom Read more

              february 2017

U.S. shatters record gasoline consumption Read more

Pacific Biodiesel launches Hawaii's largest biofuel crop project Read more

           january 2017

Trump backs two big oil pipelines, including DAPL Read more

Pipeline leaks 139,000 gallons of diesel fuel in Iowa Read more

Why ethanol industry should fear President Trump Read more

          december 2016

Trump's EPA pic no fan of ethanol Read more

Pipeline rupture spills 176,000 gallons of crude oil into creek 150 miles from Standing Rock Read more

Leaked BP report reveals serious near-miss accidents Read more

Anacortes WA 2010 Tesoro refinery explosion. A friend of a friend was killed in this horrific event Read more watch video

Trump says wants more refineries built in U.S. Read more

Crews battle fire at Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery Read more

Trump advisers plan to privatize oil-rich American Indian reservations Read more

Tar sand oil and petroleum coke-environmental disasters Read more

EPA hikes ethanol requirement for fuel 2017 Read more 

Refinery fires are VERY dangerous Read more-see video

Ethanol battle continues Read more

          november 2016

KC pipeline explosion and fire highlights pipeline hazards Read more

Natural gas-to diesel seen as promising outlet for B.C. natural gas Read more

USGS announces largest oil and gas deposit ever assessed in U.S. Read more

Oil companies press House to cap ethanol blend below 10 percent Read More

Patience with glitchy CNG station running low Read more

Obama administration cancels oil and gas leases on Blackfeet tribe's sacred ground Read more

ICM developing showcase bio-technology plant Read more

World ethanol market will tighten in 2017 Read more

Quake near Oklahoma oil hub causes substantial damage Read more

Four years after rescue, Philadelphia refinery reels as investors profit Read more

          october 2016

Denver oil refinery spews orange smoke and flames Read more

Complex biofuel credits complicate costs for refiners Read more

        september 2016

Addicted to oil:US gasoline consumption is higher than ever Read more

RFA president says there's no ethanol fraud in RINs program Read more

Motorists wasted billions on premium gasoline last year: says AAA Read more

"Deepwater Horizon" director on the BP oil spill and the 'Addictive Dance' for fuel Read more

Ethanol free gas in high demand Read more

Alabama pipeline spills 250,000 gallons of gasoline Read more

Everybody cheats on diesel emissions test Read more

Oklahoma rocked by 5.6 magnitude earthquake felt 800 miles away-fracking related? Read more

U.S. refiners revamp operations as renewable fuel costs surge Read more 

Cleaning up diesel too costly for mass market, Renault says, as real-world testing looms Read more

Europe ethanol CEOs at crossroads Read more

          august 2016

The RINferno, as it burns up America's venture into advanced biofuels Read more

Why is Oklahoma seeing fewer earthquakes? Scientists point to new oil and gas rules Read more

Ethanol and the huge customer disconnect Read more

Ethanol faces a terminal challenge Read more

Oil refiners cry foul as ethanol 'RINsanity' returns amid margins squeeze Read more

After emissions scandal, buyouts loom for Volkswagen Diesel owners Read more

Louisiana refinery fire extinguished-intense video of blaze Read more

CA oil refiners pump up profits through lowest wholesale gasoline price in the USA and highest retail prices Read more

With proposed rail expansion, pacific northwest confronts its 'clean' image Read more

Growing oil glut shows investors there's nowhere to go but down Read more

           july 2016

Cheap, off brand gas bad for engines, AAA says Read more

When it comes to ethanol, many U.S. drivers don't really care Read more

EPA research shows moderate or severe corrosion in majority of diesel underground storage tank systems studied Read more

BoatUS delivers anti-ethanol messages to EPA Read more 

Refiners seen killing market's golden goose in shift to gasoline Read more

NMMA on hand for ethanol press conference Read more

Oil and gas industry could hire 100,000 workers-if it could find them Read more

What happened when gasoline prices plunged? We bought more gasoline! Read more

           june 2016

***Fuel Guru summer flashback story-Big Oil to ethanol:Build your own dang distribution, if you think E85 has blend-wall busting potential Read more 

Oil train protesters briefly disrupt Obama speech in Seattle Read more

Oil battle pits energy companies vs tribes, climate activists Read more

Goldman:Bad things need to happen for oil prices to rise (WHAT???) Read more

NMMA testifies against ethanol increase at EPA hearing Read more

Before derailment, Union Pacific lobbied Oregon against tougher oil train rules, and won Read more

Northwest tribal leaders highlight risks with oil trains Read more

Record gasoline consumption expected this summer Read more

Union Pacific temporarily halting oil trains in Columbia River Gorge after fiery crash Read more

Oil train derails, catches fire in Columbia River Gorge Read more

          may 2016

***Fuel Guru Flashback Story!  Retired software billionaire gets into REALLY big business-Transportation fuel-Check it out

Former Shell President sees oil at $80 by summer (11/16-big OOPS!!!) Read/Watch more

'Dirty Blizzard' sent 2010 BP Gulf oil spill pollution to seafloor..... Read more

Oil discoveries sink to lowest since 1952 Read more

Things to know about California oil spill a year ago Read more

The world's largest cruise ship and its supersized pollution problem Read more

Dirty engine valves and direct injection Read more

The big oil glut is over, says Goldman Read more

US refiners feel pinch of Renewable Fuel Standard:Fuel for thought Read more

Anti-oil group blocks tracks to 2 Washington refineries Read more

Oil industry threatened by hollowing out Read more

Climate activists protest oil shipments at New York port hub Read more

Shell Oil spills nearly 90,000 gallons of crude in Gulf Read more

How one oil refinery explosion cost us billions of dollars at the pump Read more

           april 2016

Dallas Federal Reserve cautions on fresh bubble as glut keeps building  Read more

Rare gasoline cargo heads from China to United States Read more

U.S. shale gas producers bet Mexico is next bonanza Read more

Group continues to push for diesel particulate filter ban Read more

Claims of increased fuel consumption after VW diesel emission 'fix' Read more

U.S. ethanol exports drop sharply in February, raising more concerns Read more

API poll:Vast majority of voters are concerned about high ethanol mandates Read more

Shale gas hits railroads and diesel demand Read more

         march 2016

Feds sue Volkswagen over 'clean diesel' ads Read more

More than 150 LA child care centers are dangerously close to freeways and toxic air pollution Read more

Oil firms borrow billions. Now they're getting burned Read more

The crown jewel among America's oil refiners may soon be owned by Saudi Arabia Read more 

SALT POWER! As oil tanks, this 'new gasoline' is on a tear        Read more

Is premium gasoline pricier than it should be? Read more

How much diesel pollution am I breathing in? Read more?

U.S. has too much oil.So why are imports rising? Read more

       february 2016

Crude oil refining sector getting crushed Read more

Upside down gasoline, ethanol prices Read more

Ethanol 'train wreck' in U.S. seen getting worse with record supply Read more

Mercedes sticks with diesel technology with new $2.9 billion engine lineup Read more

Did EXXON hide oil tanker overseas to drive up CA gasoline prices? Read more

CRUZ wins Iowa in blow to ethanol clout Read more 

The electric car conundrum:If you care about emissions, gasoline is a better choice Read more

           january 2016

         Happy New Year!!!

*** Fuel Guru flashback story! Retired software billionaire gets into BIG business:Transportation fuel Check it out 

***Fuel Guru flashback story! Big oil to ethanol:Build your own dang distribution, if you think E85 has blend wall busting potential Fuel Guru Comments

***Fuel Guru flashback story!   U.S. refiners eye shale butane to cut gasoline costs Read more

 ***Fuel Guru flashback story!    Oil industry on borrowed time as switch to solar and gas accelerates Read more

Butanol fuel is coming-at a cost of $1.50-2 a gallon more than gasoline!!! Read more

VW diesel cheating in 'open secret' in engine group:Report Read more

Leaded gasoline taken off sale 20 years this month Read more

China's diesel exports threaten to drown Asia's oil refineries Read more

Snow is beautiful, except for the BTX toxins it contains from gasoline Read more

California government creates environmental disaster as they regulate others Read more

Lingering California crude oil pipeline spill disaster Read more

Big banks brace for oil loans to implode Read more

Is gasoline REALLY cheaper than water? Read more

Exxon refinery explosion could have been 'catastrophic'-exposes danger of HF-hydrofloric acid alkylation risk Read more

Oil plunge sparks bankruptcy concerns Read more

Ethanol plant designer joins Ted Cruz on campaign trail Read more

Oil plunge sparks calls for Congress to act Read more

Cornball politics:is the sun setting on ethanol as an Iowa caucus decider? Read more

Saudi Aramco privatization plans shock oil sector! Read more

Chinese buy up bottles of fresh air from Canada Read more

The corn-fed albatross called ethanol Read more

Oklahoma oil firm resists calls to shut wells amid earthquake concerns Read more

Cruz refuses to support ethanol subsidy:Washington shouldn't pick 'winners and losers' Read more 

Floods threaten U.S. oil refineries; stirs memories of 2011 damage Read more 

       december 2015

Unbelievable U.S. air pollution-Air quality issues addressed at Utah Supreme Court hearing for oil refinery expansion Read more Salt Lake City Smog Images

$2 a gasoline not jump-starting economy Read more

China dramatically increases imports of U.S. ethanol Read more

Iowa voters have given up on ethanol;presidential candidates are following suit!!! Read more

FG flashback story-Why is E85 only 51-83% ethanol when the customer believes it's 85%??? Read more

U.S. company pitches man-made island for oil drilling in Alaska Read more

Cheap gasoline expected to spur record demand from U.S. holiday travelers Read more

Diesel tankers make mid-atlantic U-turn as Europe stocks swell!!! Read more

Unquenchable gasoline demand a gift for U.S. refiners Read more

2015:Year of VW controversy and growing uncertainty over diesel as green fuel Read more

Oil spill, high waves:A Great Lakes disaster scenario Read more

EPA's final renewable fuel quotas more ambitious than proposed-'A Dysfunctional Program' Read more

Feds push more ethanol into gasoline, but can your car take it? Read more

       november 2015

***One day after Obama kills Keystone XL pipeline another Buffett-owned oil tanker train derails in Wisconsin Read more

Epic oil-glut sparks super tanker 'traffic jams' at sea Read more

Nova Scotia/U.S. border deepwater offshore oil parcel leases awarded Read more

Unsold crude oil stuck on tankers threatens world market gridlock Read more

Fight over ethanol quotas heats up as U.S. nears final decision Read more

Controversy over oil pipeline in Lake Michigan Read more

An oil-soaked globe as production keeps climbing and demand falls Read more

VW admits false carbon dioxide readings on 800.000 vehicles after engineer steps forward Read more

Anti-ethanol ad angers Ohio farmers Read more

Keystone pipeline rejection could mean crude tankers multiply in Straight of Juan de Fuca Read more

U.S. VW diesel owners to receive fuel card as compensation for fraud Read more

Second train derails in Wisconsin in 2 days, spills crude oil Read more

Anti-ethanol group expands national ad buy Read more

Volkswagen shares plummet again after new emissions bombshell Read more

Tough trucking for natural gas vehicles:Can they make it in the long haul? Read more

Oil industry must find new paths without Keystone crude pipeline Read more

Ethanol leaks into Mississippi River after train derailment Read more

China keeping an eye on surging U.S. oil and gas production Read more

New report says federal ethanol mandates have hurt Ohio's environment, economy Read more

Cheap diesel deals big setback to natural gas powered truck sales Read more

EPA discovers Volkswagen also cheated with V6 diesel engines Read more

VW emissions issues spread to gasoline cars Read more

Battle lines form on ethanol regs Read more

U.S. oil refiners look abroad for crude supplies as North Dakota boom fades Read more

            october 2015

U.S. chief knew Volkswagen could be breaking emissions rules 18 months ago Read more

Europe's love affair with diesel cars has been a disaster Read more

Study suggests corn ethanol not as economically friendly as once believed Read more

Shell approval for oil drilling off Nova Scotia raises alarms in fishing industry Read more

Diesel scandal opens doors for other technologies Read more

Crowd speaks out against more crude oil trains in Seattle Read more

If you're a Volkswagen 'Dieselgate' victim, will you cooperate? Read more

Why Volkswagen declared defeat in diesel cars Read more

Volkswagen sought a green seal for its diesel cars Read more

How diesel became the new environmental 'evil' in Europe Read more

Volkswagen emissions investigation zeroes in on two engineers Read more

FUEL:Safety must come before economics Read more

Omaha fuel tests indicate high levels of toxics in base gasoline Read more

         september 2015

VW stock crashes after German automaker admits it rigged U.S. emission tests!!! Read more

Despite Volkswagen scandal, Europe's diesel habit could be hard to kick Read more

The shaky future of diesel fuel in America Hear more

VW crisis expands throughout Europe as BMW joins Dieselgate controversy Read more

Volkswagen pollution scandal backfires on diesel Read more

EPA tightens limits on oil refineries as agency prepares for fight on new smog limits Read more

Calif. gasoline prices could face more refinery-related spikes Read more

Mexico strains to lure world's oil giants Read more

It's getting harder for oil companies to make money. Here's why. Read more

EPA says it will enact more rigorous testing in wake of VW's cheating diesel standards Read more

US gasoline sales surge at fastest in over a decade Read more

6 ethanol tanker cars derail, catch fire in South Dakota Read more

Europe's gasoline-heavy refiners see profit in VW scandal Read more

Bill seeks to ban shipping crude oil on Great Lakes Read more

Pennsylviania votes to eliminate E10 ethanol mandate Read more

US drivers logged record miles in July Read more

Ethanol tankers derail in South Dakota, one catches fire Read more

If VW deceived consumers about its diesel cars, then it has a huge problem Read more

Ethanol plays role in nitrate problem Read more

RFA expresses disappointment with Oregon Clean Fuels proposal Read more

Regulators blink in standoff with Buffett on shipping oil by rail Read more

Oil's downward spiral is spooking renewable energy investors Read more

Pricier blend:Ethanol's cost tops gasoline's Read more

Will oil cause the next recession? Read more

Survey:91% of boaters want ethanol-free gas Read more

         august 2015

Africa's richest man gets $997M US Grant for oil refinery Read more

Refineries could push oil over the edge Read more

Cheap oil makes it tough for ethanol to pay the bills Read more

Oil prices fall below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009 Read more

American Motorcyclist Association say trade group insults bikers intelligence over ethanol Read more

Diesel prices lower than gas for the first time in more than 10 years Read more

US approves landmark crude oil export swaps with Mexico Read more

Lower gasoline prices still pinching the ethanol industry Read more

Letter:'Tar sand oil smells like death' Read more

Oil collapse couldn't come at a worse time for industry Read more

EPA studies potential benefits of higher octane gasoline Read more

How refinery company Tesoro processed less oil but doubled its net income Read more

To please investors, big oil makes deepest cuts in a generation Read more

Big polluting vehicles roar back with low gasoline prices Read more

Oil refinery profits set a record in California Read more

             july 2015

Fuel Guru Favorite:Software billionaire getting into BIG business-Transportation fuel Check it out

***FG-"low crude oil and fuel prices means world will be swimming in fossil fuel effluent"-Falling diesel price 'exacerbates' UK air pollution problem Read more

Gasoline powered school buses making a comeback Read more

EPA needs to improve oversight of fracking with diesel, OIG report says Read more

California experiencing gasoline drought as resources shipped elsewhere Read more

State laws on ethanol in gasoline:Only seven state require E10 blend Read more

35,000 gallons of crude oil spills after Montana train derailment Read more

Mexico awards first oil blocks in historic auction Read more

Oil's fall requires major changes Read more

Irving says it will not move oil by train through Maine Read More

Vigil held for explosion victims as criticism over oil trains continues Read more

Phillips 66 oil-by-rail proposal prompts a CA statewide outcry Read more

Pipeline firm aims to control conversation on Santa Barbara oil spill Read more

After long pause, Delta's Philly refinery binges on Nigerian crude Read more

Bathing in crude oil:'a bit like chocolate' See video

               june 2015

***Fuel Guru flashback story***   Big oil to ethanol:Build your own dang distribution, if you think E85 has blend-wall busting potential Fuel Guru Comments

Tough testimony during  EPA, Renewable Fuel Standard hearing Read more

Brazillian ethanol heading to U.S. Read more

California oil spill gushed like a hose 'without a nozzle' Read more

EPA hears testimony on ethanol proposal Read more

Exxon Mobil halts operations at three oil platforms after California crude oil spill Read more

EPA Ethanol proposal could damage engines Read more

California nurses, teachers oppose Phillips 66 oil train project Read more

Battle over new oil train standards pits safety against cost Read more

ESAI:New wave of petroleum supply yet to emerge Read more

Growing oil train traffic in Seattle is shrouded in secrecy Read more

in blow to big oil (and the consumer) EPA says oil refiners recover RIN costs Read more

GOP bill would repeal federal ethanol mandate Read more

New 'Renewable Fuel Standard' pits corn, oil, and consumers against each other Read more

Diesel prices finally falling at or below regular gasoline prices Read more

A massive discovery in Mexico could mark the dawn of a new oil boom Read more

There's no such thing as a spill-proof way to transport oil Read more

Study finds health problems from diesel fuel Read more

Clean up costs of Santa Barbara oil spill hit $62 million Read more

U.S. ousts Russia as top world oil, gas producer in BP data Read more

'We're sorry' isn't enough after Santa Barbara oil spill Read more

WSJ opinion-Dirty rotton ethanol scoundrels Read more

Hawaii-Ethanol repeal waiting for governor's approval Read more

California oil spill pipeline had been left to rust paper thin Read more

Shell introduces "super-premium" gasoline Read more

Corn ethanol is worse than Keystone Read more

Crude processed by U.S. refiners gets lighter and lighter Read more

California gasoline price-gouging evidence grows Read more

Hey! Who's ready to blow $100M on ethanol blender pumps? Read more

The U.S. oil industry just set a new record, and it isn't pretty Read more

Ethanol and antibiotic free chicken Read more

            may 2015

Ethanol groups blast EPA over renewable fuels mandate Read more

Response by operator of broken Santa Barbara oil pipeline faces scrutiny Read more

Cheap oil having impact on alternative fuels Read more

***California crude oil spill disaster update Watch video 

Preparing for the worst:New York State amps up crude oil spill response Read more

***Crude oil spill blights California coast for Holiday weekend Read more

As ethanol boom fades, ADM sees bright future for GMO corn in grocery isle Read more

E85 gasoline hard to find in Iowa Read more

Oil CEO wanted University quake scientists dismissed Read more

Consumers demand for ethanol free gasoline strong and rising Read more

Why ethanol free gas is more popular than E85 Read more

Report:Shale boom helps plastics industry stage a comeback-"Be ready for huge flood of plastic pollution-FG" Read more 

Ethanol industry weighs in on API E0 claims Read more

Oil pipeline spills about 21K gallons off California coast Read more

Seattle protesters use kayaks to block oil rig Read more

Brazilian ethanol cargo to head to U.S in late May Read more

Like it or not, Seattle becomes Shell's Arctic base Read more

Oil in 5/6 North Dakota fiery crude oil derailment was treated to cut volatility Read more

***The corn ethanol "bridge" is crumbling Read more

Judge orders Greenpeace to stay away from drill ships Read more

Car and truck groups gear up to stop Minnesota biofuel mandate Read more

Americas oil boom sputtering back to life one rig at a time Read more

Obama gives Shell green light for Arctic oil drilling Read more

Seattle mayor, 'kayakvistist' take on Arctic oil drilling Read more

Is corn ethanol breaking the law? Read more 

Robert Rapier looks at the economics behind Audi's latest fuel research-'diesel fuel out of thin air' Read more

                april 2015

U.S earthquakes linked to quest for oil and gas Read more

Fed could be to blame for oil's decline:Analyst Read more

Tier 4 diesels require cleaner fuel Read more

Motorcyclist group fighting ethanol fuel Read more

Smokers spend gasoline savings on tobacco Read more

Vancouver BC oil spill response questioned Watch Video 

The oil industry's man camps are turning into ghost towns Read more

Swinomish tribe sues to block Bakken oil trains Read more

***U.S. safety board:oil train tank cars need upgrades Read more

Oil-rich nations are dumping U.S. assets at record pace Read more

Secrecy shrouds decade-old oil spill in Gulf of Mexico Read more 

Oil fallout:U.S. companies kill over 51,000 jobs Read more

The worlds largest oil companies are about to start devouring each other Read more

Record gasoline output to curb biggest U.S. oil glut in 85 years Read more 

         march 2015

$8 a gallon for regular gasoline??? Gas station owner in California says why Read more

Boaters push Senate bill removing corn-ethanol mandate Read more

'Green' diesel fuel use plummets in U.S. Read more

Ethanol debate could come to a head in Washington Read more

Across American oil fields, layoffs and auctions Read more

Refinery odors 'kind of normal' but still cause for concern after 18 sickened Read more

Energy, trucking groups sue to stop low-carbon fuel standard Read more

U.S. refiners turn to tanker trucks to avoid 'dumbbell'crude Read more

Ethanol in marine fuels:Why it makes boaters so angry Read more

Clean up begins on diesel pipeline spill Read more

Supporters, as well as critics, call for RFS reform Read more

As fight over Keystone XL drags on, oil industry vastly expands it's pipeline network Read more

Oil refiners resisting BNSF's surcharge on tank cars Read more

American oil production is still skyrocketing:Will oil prices tumble? Read more

Oil company lease stirs revolt in 'Green Seattle' Read more

New glut concern emerges as refiners ramp up output Read more

Refinery deal struck, gasoline prices set to fall Read more

**** 4 oil 'bomb train' accidents in 3 weeks a reminder 'this issue is not going away' Read more

**Yet another oil train has derailed and caught fire! Read more

U.S. oil regions are bracing for more bankruptcies Read more

Are USW and oil refiners preparing for prolonged strike? Read more

U.S. oil refineries need to heed concerns, implement safety improvements Read more

America's refineries make Keystone-XL a bad idea Read more

U.S. west coast gasoline prices rise at record rate Read more

Oil trains-yes or no? A lesson in risk communications Read more

ExxonMobil refinery risks shrouded in secrecy by government agencies, corporate policies Read more

           february 2015

**Huge explosion at California oil refinery leaves four injured, gas prices expected to rise Read more**

USW:California refinery explosion provides further evidence of need for safety improvements Read more

***A pair of 'Bomb Train' derailments highlight continued risk of shipping oil by rail Read more-see VICE NEWS Video***

***West Virginia oil train derailment: fire for hours, smoke Read more***

CN train carrying crude oil derails, catches fire in Northern Ontario Read more

Saudi Arabia 'engineered' oil crisis:Dallas Fed chief Read more

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These experts know exactly where oil prices are headed Read more

New Mideast oil refineries could stir up fuel-market dynamics Read more

Train cars carrying ethanol derail, catch fire in Iowa Read more

Let's be serious, falling oil prices are not causing the oil bust Read more

US oil workers strike over pay, benifits and safety Read more

Ice hampers cleanup in Yellostone's rare winter oil spill Read more

As RIN prices fly, a look back at their impact on refiners Read more

Ethanol's new gamble;GMO corn for fuel Read more

Oil price rebound helps to life stock market Read more

Oil industry layoffs have begun-and will only get worse Read more


          january 2015

Oil prices skyrocket on 1/30--Is this the end of cheap oil? Read more

Markets brace for big oil profit plunge Read more

US gasoline demand soars as price falls Read more

Ethanol will face RFS threat Read more

UK official says encouraging diesel cars to lower carbon was "wrong" Read more

Bury the Renewable Fuel Standard? Read more

Ethanol study touted as independent was paid for by corn growers Read more

Diesel prices playing catch-up with gasoline Read more

Deere downturn:Is ethanol to blame? Read more

Senators introduce bill to repeal corn-ethanol mandate Read more

Economist:drop in corn and gas prices squeezing ethanol industry Read more

Army Corps loses-and later retrieves-28,000 comments on BP refinery oil dock marked 'spam' Read more

EPA standards help drive renewed demand for diesel-powered vehicles Read more

Shell affiliates fined for breaking vehicle fuel rules Read more

Washington State, local officials not notified of oil spill spotted at BP refinery Read more

Can natural gas remain a viable transportation fuel? Read more

Speculating oil traders book tankers to store 25 million barrels of crude oil at sea Read more

U.S. ethanol slumps to 9-year low on record supply spike Read more

Gasoline lead removal explains the crime decline in Canada too Read more Related story on toxic air pollution health crisis Read more 

Keystone amendment targets corn ethanol Read more

As gasoline prices plummet, refiners nix ethanol blending Read more

Explosion, fire shake Ohio oil refinery Read more

Low oil prices hurt U.S. ethanol plants Read more

        december 2014

***Richard Hammond of BBC's 'Top Gear' comments on epic vehicle fueled world health crisis Read more

France to rank cars for pollution, wants to phase out diesel Read more

Who will get caught when the oil debt bubble pops? Read more

Collapse of oil prices leads world economy into trouble Read more

Diesel premium grows, shuffling fuel economy math Read more

Oil and the banks:As prices fall, risks may rise Read more

Oil plunges as markets fail to find bottom Read more

Drop in gas prices not so good for U.S. ethanol producers and corn farmers Read more

Environmentalists and energy advocates agree:Ethanol reform now Read more

Lower oil prices could lead to thousands of layoffs Read more

Exxon sees abundant oil, gas far into the future Read more

Energy company plans diesel, natural gas plants in North Dakota, Montana Read more

Tanker markets see storage boon as oil prices collapse  Read more

Big oil sues over lack of ethanol reduction Read more

U.S. tax payers help fund oil-train boom amid safety concerns Read more

Investors sell off solar stocks on oil price drop Read more

Will cheap crude oil lead to big mergers? Read more 

Map of crude oil by rail Read more

Low oil prices put world economy at risk in the longer term Read more

Oil trains hide in plain sight Read more         

         november 2014

OPEC policy ensures U.S. shale crash, Russian oil tycoon says Read more

Oil price falls below $70 U.S. as OPEC leaves output unchanged Read more

***Gas To Liquids on North Slope could slash low-sulfur diesel prices Read more

EPA won't yet lower nations ethanol requirements Read more

Tribes to revamp plans for proposed oil refinery Read more

Ethanol, fighting for it's life, gets a temporary reprieve Read more

Tanker truck collapses, spills ethanol in NJ Read more

The downside of the North Dakota oil boom Read more

The 153 year old oil well that hasn't stopped pumping yet Read more

Ethanol industry continues to battle for more market share Read more

U.S. ethanol industry frets over Washington green fuels study Read more

Alternative fueled vehicles:First victims of lower gas prices? Read more

Are lower gas prices threatening ethanol's competitiveness? Read more

IEA warns low oil prices threaten US shale investment Read more                 

              october 2014

***Fuel Guru flashback story:U.S refiners eye shale butane to cut gasoline costs Read more

Falling gasoline prices make alternative-fuel vehicles a tougher sell Read more

Oil drop makes drillers own worst enemy;Gas offers haven Read more

Refiners in U.S. Gulf Coast tested by weakest margins in a year Read more

Urban Air Initiative calls new EPA air emission models flawed Read more

Rethinking LNG as price of diesel plummets Read more

Why it matters that ethanol prices are collapsing Read more

Pump prices fall to lowest since 2011 amid oil slump Read more

 Environmental leaders:Tier 3 gasoline  is a long way off Read more

september 2014

Retired software billionaire gets into BIG business:Transportation fuel Check it out

Pump the Movie: Software billionaire makes a fuel movie See more

Fuel Guru flashback story 2/14:Pump the Movie related-Big Oil to Ethanol:Buy your own dang distribution, if you think E-85 has blend wall busting potential Fuel Guru Comments

Ethanol does most of it's damage in off-season Read more

Senators ask for more oil train notifications Read more

                  august 2014

Crude oil industry on borrowed time as switch to gas and solar accelerates Read more

Oil train risks push communities to prepare for the worst Read more

             july 2014 

****FG Summer Favorite!**** Alternate-Fuel Wonders:The 20 fastest diesel-powered vehicles Read more

Ethanol industry asks for relief from rail delays Read more

Grim Brotherhood:Oil train firefighters reuniting Read more

From the FG archives-Use of toxic acid in refineries puts millions at risk Read more

Another North Carolina town stands up against offshore oil and gas exploration Read more

Congressional Budget Office says RFS results in higher diesel and gasoline prices Read more

Texas can now match Iraq in oil output:report Read more

Iowa has first gallon of cellulosic ethanol Read more

Manufacturers warn about ethanol harming engines Read more

             june 2014

Oil trains:South Puget Sound first responders try to get a grip on what new data mean for safety Read more

Diesel Maserati:It's all torque! Read more

Are oil and gas drilling operations causing earthquakes? Read more

Oil train dangers extend past Bakken Read more

Shares of U.S. oil refiners tumbles on move over crude oil exports Read more

Oil train information shows traffic is heavy Read more

Louisiana shrimp threatened bu U.S. ethanol policy Read more

Ethanol free gas worth the price, users say Read more

U.S. refiners struggle with too much light crude Read more

                   may 2014

***Feds issue emergency order on crude oil trains*** Read more

Why oil companies want to drop acid in California Read more

Crude oil train derails and spills in Colorado Read more

International Fuel Quality Center-U.S ranks number 50 in world for diesel sulfur levels Read more

Oklahoma earthquake risk prompts rare warning-Oil fracking related? Read more

Washington State activists rally for stricter regulations on crude oil transported via rail Read more

Hemp as a bio-fuel is one step closer to reality Read more

Eighth major oil train accident in less than a year Read more

Ultimate biofuel feedstock? Why hemp, the sustainable wonder crop, is sweeping the nation Read more

Bakken oil fields mark billionth barrel of oil Read more

Oil train wreck brings demands for more regulation Read more

Oil train fire in Lynchburg, VA underscores safety warnings Read more

                   april 2014

***4/30***Oil train derails, burns in Lynchburg, VA Read more

***NTSB head:Action needed now on oil train safety Read more

UK and World diesel air pollution crisis (see march fg-Paris diesel air pollution crisis) Read more

U.S, refinery workers see hydrofluoric acid risk Read more

Hate-mongering is not the way to sell RFS Read more

Ethanol E15 sputtering into gasoline  marketplace Read more

Fight against ethanol trains takes it's next step Read more

Ethanol fuels ozone pollution Read more

North Dakota finds more radioactive oil waste Read more

Feds:Fuel shipments by rail compromise safety Read more

Oil tanker critics warn of trouble on the tracks Read more

Chevron's Richmond refinery plans upgrade to accommodate Saudi crude Read more

Failure rates raising new fears over use of aging rail oil tankers Read more

Gasoline prices rise as U.S. refineries send more fuel overseas Read more

List of ethanol free gas Check it out

Oil train shipments in Montana raise concern Read more

White powder from refinery covers parts of El Dorado Kansas Read more

Are Pacific Northwest waters too risky for oil and coal ships? Read more

EPA acknowledges ethanol damages engines Read more

ND oil companies fight proposal to slow production Read more

Corn crop residue for ethanol production not so 'green' after all Read more

Oil-by-rail traffic hurts farmers, travelers, U.S. officials told Read more

'Create value and demand' for ethanol, booster says Read more

Crude oil trains revive Philadelphia refineries but deliver new risk Read more

Ethanol 'Blend Wall' cost refiners at least $1.3 billion Read more

First functional "designer' chromosome synthesized in yeast Read more

Refinery plans to ship 100 train cars of crude a day through Sacramento Read more

                  march 2014

Retired software billionaire gets into BIG business:Transportation fuel Check it out

Air quality woes may finally force Paris to rethink it's love of diesel fuel Read more

Oil Well Mania-The world map of oil and gas exploration-Incredible!!! Read more

1960's-era rail cars hauling crude and ethanol badly need makeover as accidents multiply Read more

Oil boom boosts flow along the Hudson, and fears of spill risk Read more

Oil spill impedes major Texas ship channel Read more

Oil spills last year from railcars outnumber the previous four decades Read more

Oil spills heighten our tough relationship with fossil fuels Read more

TSB:crude oil in Quebec Lac-Megantic train disaster that killed 47 as explosive as gasoline Read more

Oil trains carrying volatile Baaken crude have Spokane officials preparing for the worst Read more

Oil mars Ala. swamp months after crude train crash Read more

Oil boom creating unexpected traffic jam on the rails for farmers Read more

Tesoro refinery barred inspectors from site of accident in California Read more

North Dakota gas flares light the night sky-a view from space Read more

As gasoline retailers struggle, donuts drive profits Read more

BP splitter refinery seen skirting U.S. oil export ban Read more

EPA sets lower sulfur levels of gasoline to fight smog Read more

Natural gas by the quart:Shell's new oil isn't oil Read more


               february 2014

 Oil giant Chevron offers residents near Pennsylvania well explosion a free pizza and soda (what, no beer? fg) Read more

Big Oil to Ethanol:Buy your own dang distribution, if you think E-85 has blend wall busting potential Fuel Guru Comments

Exxon's pro-fracking CEO is suing to stop fracking near his mansion Read more

Fiery derailments spark worries about more rail cars carrying oil Read more

Lower Mississippi River back open after crude oil spill Read more

Oil trains coming to Seattle prompt safety worries Read more

~India's diesel subsidy spurs pollution worse than Beijing~ Read more

Lobbyist aim for EPA ethanol and RFS policy turnaround Fuel Guru Comments

BSNF plans to upgrade rail tanker fleet after accidents Read more

Ethanol warnings posted at major retailers Read more

Oil-train safety emerges as hot issue in Olympia WA Read more

Blumenthal seeks to rally bipartisan drive for freight rail safety Read more

Rail oil shipping raises safety concerns in Albany NY Read more

AAA warns not to use new E15 ethanol fuel Read more

Good work by public safety workers on ethanol train derailment Read more

Pennsylvania train derailment leaks thousands of gallons of crude oil, sends car into building Read more

Dems and GOP have competing visions for making oil trains safer in Washington state Read more

Rising diesel fuel prices linked to demand for heating oil Read more

Amtrak fights big oil for use of the rails Listen to story

Crude oil shipments blocking Amtrak trains Read more

DuPont defends ethanol requirements Read more

                 january 2014

****NTSB:Oil train crash risks 'major loss of life'**** Read more

Tesoro, Shell Oil settle lawsuit from families of killed workers in Anacortes refinery explosion Read more

'Tackle volatility in oil prices' to bring global economic growth Read more

Fuel additives market worth $6.4 billion by 2017 Read more

Lawmakers turning to Obama on ethanol controversy Read fuel guru comments

Iowa lawmakers reinforce fight for renewable fuels Read fuel guru comments

Crude oil by rail on the rise in B.C. despite Lac-Megantic disaster Read more

Investigators still studying site of North Dakota crude oil train crash Read more

Up against blend wall, ethanol at a crossroads Read more

More crude oil spilled from trains in 2013 than in previous 4 decades, federal data show Read more

Recent oil train disaster adds to concerns over safety Read more

Oil train safety:5 key takeaways about oversight, readiness gaps in Oregon, Washington Read more

Jan 8-Train carrying crude oil and propane derails on Canada/Maine border and catches fire Read more

Bellingham WA mayor wants federal attention to rail safety Read more

New appeal of Delaware City Refinery's oil-by-rail operation Read more

Oil delivery spills anticipated to increase as more trains run Read more

Diesel fuel shortage forces haulers to wait hours for fill up Read more

Diesel struggles to clear air on dirty reputation Read more

***Bakken oil safety warning issued by federal government**** Read more

Happy New Year! 1st Fuel Guru story of 2014-Diesel fuel:The global transportation fuel of choice!!! Read more

december  2013

LAST POST OF 2103-Incredible video of giant mushroom cloud explosion from crude oil train derailment Watch!!!


Americans bought 100,000 VW diesel cars this year Read more

Irving raised oil testing concerns a month before Quebec oil train tragedy Read more

Oil trains sparking concerns in small towns Read more

After Chevron fire, Feds want tougher refinery oversight in California Read more

Oil companies, environmentalists clash over plans Read more

Ethanol mills face closures as Obama cuts target Read more

Oil boom brings rise in violent crime, safety concerns Read more

          november 2013

Irving Oil may face fines over mislabeled crude oil on Quebec train Read more

Oil spill judge 'deeply disappointed' in BP Read more

Oil refining byproduct petcoke piling up in Midwest, stirring residents anger Read more

EPA trims ethanol mandate for first time, corn prices fall Read more

EPA ethanol proposal will devastate farmers, rural economy Read more

Fuel Guru comments again on 'Artist Against Fracking' Read More

More trains mean more oil Read more

Train carrying crude oil derails, explodes in Alabama Read more

Ethanol industry takes aim at AP investigation Read more

Ethanol:The secret dirty cost of Obama's green power push Read more

Diesel, fuel cells get spotlight as plug-ins lose favor Read more

Attention Fracktivists:Corn ethanol is the real environmental culprit Read more

Ethanol expansion limited by 'blend wall' Read more

Ethanol blends pose problems Read more

Volatile gas prices give drivers whiplash Read more

Drivers reject ethanol blends Read more

                october 2013

More oil trains expected in Washington State under proposals Read more

Trains gain steam in race to transport crude oil in U.S. Read more

None hurt in fire at Citgo oil refinery in Chicago Read more

Hundreds of ND oil spills not publicized Read more

Oil spill in North Dakota raises detection concerns Read more

BP oil refinery waste piles up on southeast side of Chicago Read more

Wall Street's role in ethanol questioned Read more

US watchdog slams $500-a-gallon fuel for Afghan hospital Read more

Piles of toxic waste-petroleum coke  problem Watch video#1  Watch video#2

Booming oil towns prepare for inevitable bust Read more

U.S. Government study paid for by big ethanol urges consumers to gamble on E15 Read more

Study:Ethanol not a major factor in reducing gas prices Read more

Diesel's American comeback Read more

The ultimate alternative fuel Read more

EPA proposes big reduction in 2014 ethanol blend volume-document Read more

Diesel pushes back into the mainstream Read more

Environmentalists, anti-hunger groups join to reform ethanol mandate Read more

Bee populations threatened by stress and diesel fuel Read more

"Dirty secret' substance from California's oil refineries burned overseas Read more

          september 2013

Retired software billionaire gets into BIG business:Transportation fuel Check it out

'Oil trains' rumble into Philly, bringing Dakota crude, new jobs, and safety concerns Read more

Europe's oil refiners choke on flood of U.S., Asian imports Read more

Refiners looking for diesel fueled growth Read more

U.S. shale oil poses threat to Persian Gulf exports Read more

Apples and oranges:Natural gas, diesel can't be compared Read more

Possible new treatment for children with asthma caused by diesel fuel exhaust Read more

Fuel economy cited in double-digit rise in sales for diesel automobiles in U.S. Read more

Wall Street role in ethanol credits questioned Read more

Europe:The new lucrative market for U.S. refiners Read more

Quebec train cargo of crude oil crash that killed 47 was as flammable as gasoline Read more

Idle Maine tank cars indicate slowing oil-by-rail trend Read more

How ethanol credits have become a hot new 'game' on Wall Street Read more

Neil Young says ethanol-powered cars here to stay Read more

Beware when using remanufactured common rail injectors Read more

Buffalo Lake's ethanol plant sold in bankruptcy Read more

           august 2013

Fuel Guru has only comment on important story-U.S. refiners eye shale butane to cut gasoline costs Read more

Biggest U.S. oil refinery stumbles after fire Read more

U.S. fuels demand surges to three-year high in July Read more

Diesel comeback:Model tally set to double for 2014 Read more

Vibrating pipe at biggest U.S. oil refinery another blow to troubled $10 billion plant Read more

Many customers drive the extra mile, and pay 30-40 cents a gallon more for ethanol free gasoline Read more

Senator Schumer calls for phase out or improvement of DOT-111 rail cars Read more

Ethanol mandate, 'blend wall' loom large for refiners Read more

Union leader sees tough talks over refinery worker pay Read more

Growth of diesel fuels optimism Read more

Bid to repeal ethanol mandate seen diluted by EPA change Read more

U.S. becoming 'refiner to the world' as diesel demand grows Read more

WARNING to diesel users-Association of Equipment Manufacturers on ULSD ignition hazard Read more

Booming Russian gasoline exports prompt worries of a domestic supply shortage Read more

Ethanol RINs plunge on speculation EPA to announce final rules Read more

Chevron Richmond refinery protest results in 210 arrested, more than 1000 march Read more

Ethanol protectionism is rocked by EPA freeze;E15 stalled for now Read more

Rail-to-barge oil port for entire west coast, says Tesoro Read more

Ethanol-big oil battle escalates Read more

EPA records reveal oil refinery safety questions Read more

Oil companies frack off Calif. coastal waters Read more

May U.S. biodiesel exports outpace imports as production record hit Read more  

              july 2013

U.S. oil train safety rule delayed by 1 year Read more

Oil company disputes Lac-Megantic train wreck cleanup order Read more

Congress eyes change to U.,S. biofuels mandate, EPA target looms Read more

Port of Tampa train derailment spills ethanol Read more

Briggs and Stratton Co. combats ethanol's effects with pricey protective gas additive Read more

Will Quebec train accident derail the oil train boom? Read more

Power disrupted twice by squirrel and crow at Superior oil refinery Read more

U.S consumers, economy and environment lose with RFS Read more

Lloydminster Canada train derailment: Oil tanker cars contained, but diesel fuel spills     Read and view more more

Bill will crack down on gas price changes Read more

Traveling a one way road to trouble in the U.S. Read more

Ethanol RIN prices up 2740% year to date Read more

'Portable' refinery urged to fuel Michigan market Read more

Deadly derailment won't stop oil trains Read more

Diesel power will keep driving freight transportation Read more

U.S fuel fight escalates Read more

Refinery named in lawsuit over Lac-Megantic train disaster Read more

Ad against ethanol causes controversy Read more

CNN Opinion-Stop shipping volatile oil by rail Read more

Quebec oil train explosion may have killed 60 people Read more

North Dakota oil transport risk revealed in Quebec blast Read more

Irving refinery increasingly using rail to transport crude Read more

Oil tank cars like those in Quebec tragedy long seen as flawed (see sept 2012 fuel guru) Read more

Similar oil in devastating Canadian derailment is sent to Delaware City Refinery Read more

Five die, 40 missing after Canadian crude oil train disaster Read more

Oil train derails, at least 1 dead in Quebec town Read more             Watch more

U.S. ethanol RIN's reach record high on consumption targets Read more

Local Philly refiners and shippers watch probe of explosion Read more

Increased oil activity accompanied by risk Read more

U.S. ethanol production and the Renewable Fuel Standard RIN Bank     Read more

Ethanol lobby should stand on it's own feet Read more

Top Tier gasoline pushed Read more

Global withdraws request for ethanol trains Read more

Wash refineries readying for North Dakota oil via trains Read more

House ponders E15 rollback amid risk of engine damage Read more

             june 2013

Replay-EPA's push for more ethanol could be too little, too late Listen to the story

Boost for cars or bust? Ethanol debate heats up Read more

NOAA, partners predict possible record-setting Deadzone for Gulf of Mexico Read more 

Gulf of Mexico's extinction by ethanol? Read more

Oil trade group OK's 30-month curb on seismic activity in Gulf of Mexico that affect marine life Read more

Pushback builds against EPA ethanol mandates Read more

U.S-Russia proxy war in Syria drives up crude oil prices Read more

Exporting as many barrels of fuel as possible is a 'go-to, short-term option' for U.S. producers to address ethanol policy disaster Read more

U.S. ethanol plants at risk of another 'shake-out' Read more

Chevron CEO says U.S. ethanol mandate could spur gasoline exports Read more

Why America's shale oil boom could end sooner than you think Read more

Amid U.S. oil boom, railroads are beating pipelines in crude transport Read more

Ethanol lobby sees red over a yellow gas hose in Kansas-'ALL-OUT WAR' Read more

Oil product glut coming as refineries mushroom:EIA Read more

Ethanol doesn't spark interest among consumers Read more

API calls for full repeal of RFS Read more

Lack of stations limits E85 consumption Read more

Ecuador oil spill pollutes Amazon tributary Read more

As Puget Sound ferries look to industry driven by fracking, engineer raises questions Read more

Ethanol fuel issues with marine engines and outboard motors Read more

EPA to issue ethanol use targets this summer Read more

VW gives "Diesel for Dummies" to American TDI drivers Read more

Ethanol supporters disappointed in Florida Bill Read more

                 may 2013

Mylar balloon forces evacuation of California oil refinery Read more

Major gasoline brand value remains powerful Read more

API:RFS no longer feasible Read more

U.S.clean diesel technology exports an economic powerhouse Read more

Ethanol transport through greater Boston area could be stopped dead in its tracks Read more

A black mound of Canadian oil waste rising over Detroit Read more

Forget LNG-Exporting gasoline is where the action is now Read more

The crude reality of oil prices Read more

Maine Governor signs bill to ban ethanol Read more

Oil markets fall under suspicion of price-fixing on a global scale Read more

Bankrupt Oregon ethanol plant now stores ND crude Read more

A new forecast points to a plunge in oil and gasoline prices Read more

Anti-ethanol bills move through Maine state legislature Read more

Marathon Petroleum pipeline break spills 19,000 gallons of diesel fuel Read more

Collapse in Brent-WTI oil spread spooks refiners, railways Read more

Record exports mean U.S. summer gasoline prices won't be much lower Read more

World oil prices fall sharply Read more

Railroad plans to expand ethanol shipments alarm VA officials Read more

Ethanol briefing on capital hill draws unexpected guest Read more

Detroit Marathon refinery safety award canceled by state, following recent fire and explosion Read more

Oil $$, no ethanol. No coincidence? Read more

Expect long wait in cutting diesel emissions-one engine at a time Read more

Ethanol industry's strange bedfellow-Neil Young Read more

              april 2013

New York city employee pension funds sue BP over gulf oil spill Read more

Oil by train runs out of track Read more

Fuel Guru comments on:Turning Oil into Salt Read more

The future of cars lies in gasoline powered technology, says Read more

Oil industry's addiction to toxic dispersants costing everyone billions (Not just BP!) Read more

BP sold texas refinery after making hundreds sick, victims claim Read more

Out of court:Transocean to pay $400 million for 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill Read more

Hundreds of residents demanding answers after major oil spill Read more

Oil from Exxon spill in Arkansas flowing into wetlands Read more

Third major oil spill in a week:Shell pipeline breaks in Texas Read more

Exxon's oil spill in Arkansas leaves neighborhood like scene from 'The Walking Dead': official Read more

Fuel Guru comments on:Artists against Fracking Read more

Fuel Guru comments on:Oil and gas drillers complain about anti-fracking campaign Read more

Chevron refinery fire tied to lax oversight Read more

EPA's push for more ethanol could be too little, too late Listen to the story

Gasoline engine fuel efficiency catches up with diesel technology Read more

            march 2013

Obama administration moves ahead with sweeping rules requiring cleaner gasoline Read more

New EPA rule to add '9 cents gallon to gasoline prices Read more

API:EPA's Tier 3 proposal latest in tsunami of regulations that could raise gasoline manufacturing costs Read more

Scientists say oil industry likely caused largest Oklahoma earthquake Read more

Diesel exports from US rising as plant maintenance winds down Read more

Train carrying Canadian oil derails in Minnesota Read more

High diesel fuel prices affect food prices Read more

Oklahoma quakes tied to wastewater shows oil boom impact Read more

Trains carry millions of gallons of oil across Maine Read more

Gasoline price inflated by ethanol in oil boom Read more

Ethanol rules inflate gasoline prices in U.S. Read more

The ethanol 'blend wall' could limit U.S. fuel supply Read more

Oops! Presidential limo filled with wrong fuel Read more

Valero facing skyrocketing ethanol costs Read more

Ethanol upending refiners pushes $13 billion on U.S. drivers Read more

Ethanol's "NOT responsible" for the gasoline price rise Read more

The ethanol bubble Read more

Ethanol surplus may lift gas prices in U.S.  Read more

U.S. refiners may boost gasoline exports on ethanol rule Read more

U.S. crude oil refineries hit 2-year capacity low Read more

Huge blaze erupts after tugboat pushing oil barge hits pipeline in La. Read more

Exxon Mobil:Diesel will overtake gasoline in seven years Read more

State has little control over ethanol "bomb trains" Read more

Driving in gasoline's danger zone: A Pundits view  Read more

U.S. ethanol rules threaten gasoline supply crunch Read more

What??? The strange surge in U.S. oil imports   Read more

Skyrocketing RIN prices signal ethanol blend wall imminent Read more

Many Nebraska ethanol plants remain idle Read more

U.S. oil production:Don't believe the hype Read more

Biodiesel producer using canola seed goes bankrupt Read more

Gasoline expert explains the rising costs Read more

E15 ethanol controversy:No signs of moderating any time soon Read more

          february 2013

North Dakota fracking boom leaves oil hub a bust Read more

AAA says selling E15 is irresponsible         Read more

U.S gas price spike:Blame the long road from well to pump Read more

Drought conditions stall 20 ethanol plants Read more

U.S. shale oil reviving East Coast refineries Read more

The myth of 'Saudi America' Read more

The incredible decline in U.S. crude oil imports that's changing the entire world Read more

Gasoline prices set to keep rising with summer blend switch Read more

India to insure refiners importing Iranian crude oil. Read more

ANALYST:We are entering a "Strange World', where the dollar gets stronger, and things get way more unstable   Read more

Corn shortage continues to idle ethanol plants Read more

Will leak detection end the oil pipeline impasse? Read more

UFO appears over world's largest oil refinery Read more

Debate flares over ethanol Read more

Oil exports trim U.S. deficit as fuel gap shrinks Read more

EPA's ethanol mandates are costing consumers Read more

U.S. households spent record amount on gasoline last year-EIA Read more

Gasoline at highest price ever for this time of year Read more 

             january 2013 

Car makers and oil companies intensify attack on ethanol Read more

Judge approves BP's manslaughter plea in 2010 gulf oil spill Read more

Barge hits Miss. River bridge; oil cleanup ongoing Read more

Governors make pitch for low-sulfur gasoline Read more

Troubled oil rig in Alaska reaches safer waters Read more

EPA backing down from minimum purchase requirement at ethanol/gasoline blend fuel pumps Read more

Program aims to turn agricultural plastics into diesel fuel Read more

Runaway Alaska oil rig drags tugs more than 10 miles Read more

Leaded gasoline and the 20th-century crime wave Read more

Looney gas and lead poisoning:A short, sad history Read more

Oil drilling rig runs aground in Gulf of Alaska Read more

Amidst drilling boom, average price for U.S. gasoline hit record high in 2012   Read more

         december 2012

Diesel group, biodiesel producers come together in fight against natural gas         Read more

Ethanol makers diversify away from auto fuel Read more

Natural gas faces long road to overtake diesel Read more

Tanker carrying Bakken oil to Canadian refinery runs aground Read more

Beware of ethanol in gasoline Read more

Suddenly, U.S. is swimming in gasoline Read more

North Dakota fastest growing state, thanks to oil boom Read more

Colorado city sued by oil industry group for fracking ban Read more

Don't believe the gasoline hype Read more

The downsides of living in an oil boom Read more

Oil may be seeping from Deepwater Horizon site Read more

Energy experts say drilling can be made cleaner Read more

AAA warns E15 gasoline could cause car damage Read more

Gasoline sulfur rules:Senators push for new regulations from Obama Administration Read more

         november 2012

U.S. clean diesel auto sales increase 25.6 percent in 2012 Read more

Petroleum industry files suit challenging biodiesel mandate Read more

U.S. drought seen hindering energy independence on ethanol stall Read more

Sinkhole strong chemical stench on bubbling bayou Read more

EPA rejects suspension of corn-based ethanol mandate Read more

Coast Guard searches for missing workers after oil platform fire Read more

U.S. as oil king likely to be very short Read more

Study:California refineries operated during periods blamed for gas price spikes     Read more

EPA rejects request to ease U.S. corn-based ethanol mandate Read more

U.S. to overtake Saudi as top oil producer:IEA    Read more

N.J. gas rationing ends after Sandy, but refiners still face demand destruction  Read more

N.Y. harbor oil terminals, refiners crippled by Sandy Read more

U.S. loses ethanol exporter status after Midwestern drought Read more

Many in U.S.Northeast still without power, hours long lines for gasoline, frustration continues Read more

New York rations gasoline;storm victims still in dark Read more

Europe's dirty diesel car fleets Read more

American oil boom shrinks trade deficit Read more

Ethanol going ugly turns Bush plan to Obama test Read more

U.S. fuel exports grow to historic levels Read more

NY oil hub recovery trips, major refinery down for weeks Read more

After Sandy, some worry about falling gasoline demand Read more

New York looks into Craigslist gasoline sales at $8 a gallon Read more

More NY oil terminals online, gasoline lines persist post Sandy Read more

IRS waiving dyed diesel fuel tax penalty because of Sandy Read more

Pentagon bringing fuel to relieve gas station backups Read more

Gas and diesel shortages linger, crippling aid organizations and Sandy recovery effort Read more

Gasoline runs short, adding woes to storm recovery Read more

U.S. eases clean gasoline rules in east after Sandy Read more

Biodiesel producers enter corn ethanol's perfect storm Read more 

Colwich ethanol plant announces layoffs Read more

           october 2012

U.S. may soon become world's top oil producer Read more

Oil refining's fortunes rise Read more

Marathon Petroleum buys Texas refinery, pipelines for 1.8 billion Read more      

Diesel exhaust creates more smog than gasoline Read more

ExxonMobil Mess:Refinery spews oil into suburban skies Read more

Refinery release causes traffic mess, gas price concern Read more

Renewable fuels at risk Read more

Iowa's renewable energy boom:Headed for bust? Read more

Three cheers for expensive oil Read more

W.H.O. declares diesel fumes cause lung cancer Read more

Spray leak from refinery damages 405 homes Read more

Ethanol-blended gasoline issue getting more complicated Read more

Corrosion blamed in 2011 Chevron refinery fire Read more

Briggs & Stratton warns consumers higher ethanol levels (E-15) will harm small engines Read more

Rising fuel costs likely to hit farms, not food Read more

U.S. struggles to rescue green fuel program hit by fraud Read more

California governor orders winter gas switch Read more

California gas stations shut as oil refiners ration supplies Read more

In North Dakota, hard to tell an oil millionaire from regular Joe Read More

         september 2012

Ethanol plant manager a bit wary of future Read more

Dupont joins corn fight over biofuel      Read more

API:EPA should move faster to solve RIN fraud Read more

One dead following refinery explosion in Okla. Read more

Ethanol 'bomb trains' receive local opposition Read more

Gasoline pushes up inflation, could dent growth Read more

Gasoline hits $8/gallon in NJ,PA protest Read more

Hidden dangers at Pacific Coast oil refineries Read more

Feds:Pipe wall in Calif. refinery fire thin as penny Read more

Common rail car used for crude oil and ethanol has dangerous design flaw            Read more

BP has paid out more than $1.5 million in wake of gasoline recall Read more

Delta restarts US oil refinery production Read more

Too few state oil refinery-safety checks Read more

Gulf coast refineries look seaward for sales Read more

            august 2012

Americans hate oil companies more than government, poll finds Read more

Venezuela refinery burns fourth day after 48 die in blast Read more

Man mixing chemicals killed in explosion at biodiesel plant Read more

BP blames faulty refinery unit for recalled gasoline Read more

U.S. government mandate or no, fuel ethanol is here to stay Read more

BP gasoline recall rattles northwest Indiana drivers Read more

Fuel industry pushes to keep high-ethanol blends off the market Read more

Refinery fire damages Chevron's safety image Read more

Chevron's refinery, Richmond's peril Read more

Investigator:Chevron's Richmond refinery fire 'near disaster' for workers;pipe safety in question Read more

Drought crop damage worsens, ethanol waiver urged Read more

Refinery damage may take months to repair Read more

Federal investigators focus on possible corrosion in Chevron oil refinery fire    Read more

Inferno fears halt ethanol train Read more

Refinery fire highlights pollution concerns Read more

Chevron refinery fire in Richmond, California forces over 900 residents to hospitals Read more

Drought cuts Iowa, Nebraska ethanol output Read more

Ethanol groups form coalition to save federal support for biofuels Read more

Corn, soybean conditions continue to deteriorate Read more

The ethanol disaster and the ramifications for producers Read more

136 US reps seek to halt use of ethanol in gas Read more

              july 2012

Profits, fields drying up Read more

Big Oil's Achilles Heel:Cheap US Gas    Read more

Food and the drought Read more

US Drought:Gasoline prices rise as corn stalks shrivel Read more

Big Oil sues EPA over cellulosic biofuels mandate Read more

U.S. oil refineries, cranking away...except on the atlantic coast Read more

Ethanol producer troubles continue with E15 Read more

As corn crop burns, excess ethanol credits help dampen demand Read more

Clash over Wash. refineries' greenhouse gases Read more

Ethanol industry faces 'tough decisions' due to worsening drought Read more

As drought kills corn, farmers fight over ethanol Read more

Ethanol industry faces the inconvenient drought Read more

              june 2012

In hours, caustic vapors wreaked quiet ruin on biggest U.S. oil refinery Read more

Valero shuts down two ethanol plants  Read more

85-octane gas risky to cars Read more

Diesel engine exhaust linked to increased risk of lung cancer Read more

Ethanol-the battle for the RFS Read more

              may 2012

Ethanol concerns bring customers to more costly 'pure' gas stations Read more

With sales imminent, ethanol blend's impact on engine durability remains contentious Read more

Seaway pipeline sends oil to Texas in historic reversal Read more

Oil and ethanol industries pump up product debate Read more

ND becomes nation's second-leading oil producer Read more

Oil industry:U.S. not ready for E15             Read more

Delta to buy oil refinery Read more

Cummins to launch high horsepower dual fuel engine line Read more

United States leads world in exports of ethanol Read more

IATP says ethanol producers are ignoring regulations on antibiotics Read more

             april 2012

Mike Leister of Marathon Petroleum on reformulated gasoline Read more

Crude oil stocks in U.S. at historic highs as American gasoline usage declines              Read more

EPA palm oil biofuel fight brewing             Read more

'California-Only' diesel fuel will come at high cost to state Read more

Cheap fracked gas could help Americans keep on trucking Read more

Refinery promises no Mideast oil imports,  offering 'Made in U.S.A.' only gas              Read more

Motiva refinery becomes U.S. largest    Read more

Gasoline prices rise every spring as refiners switch blends and perform maintenance Read more

Law prevents company from making fossil-fuel-based ethanol Read more

Three Big Oil companies agree to settle 'hot fuel' lawsuits Read more

New equipment at Marathon refinery in Detroit to cut emissions Read more

Clock ticking on U.S. SPR release to avert summer gasoline spike Read more

Report:At least four bidders for Sunoco refinery Read more

            march 2012

'Ethanol wrong' residents shout at public hearing Read more

Rising diesel prices driving truckers crazy Read more

Congress sets hearings on Phila.-area refinery closings Read more

Has ethanol lost its license to drive corn market? Read more

Gasoline rises to record premium over ethanol Read more

Ethanol free gas growing in popularity, despite cost Read more

D.C. area drivers could see record gas prices Read more

Could high gas prices cost Obama the presidency? Read more

Stuck with high gas prices, drivers just pump less Read more

          february 2012

Refinery fire could boost gas prices in Washington State Read more

Filling tanks drains truckers' wallets     Read more

Hovensa completes Virgins Islands refinery shutdown Read more

Washington BP refinery still off line, following fire Read more

Surging gas prices threaten to derail economic recovery Read more

State investigates Wash's refinery blaze Read more

For Oregon farmers, oil-rich canola is either promise or peril Read more

Independents seen dominating US refining industry Read more

Activists march on refinery closings        Read more

Never before have gasoline prices risen so high so early in the year Read more

US ethanol producers rally against Brazilian taxes Read more

US ethanol producers deal with low demand Read more

Auto industry about to go diesel crazy        Read more

BP squares up for oil spill lawsuits             Read more

U.S. gasoline heads for "epic summer"       Read more

Oil industry sees no threat from electric car Read more

U.S. refiners, oil workers avert strike with tentative contract Read more

             january 2012

Salt water as fuel Read more

Refinery shutdowns spur record record bullish futures:Energy markets Read more

Shale gas adds to refiners light end woes Read more

BP sees China as top oil user in 2027  Read more

Major oil refinery to close in U.S. Virgin Islands Read more

Who might buy Sunoco, ConocoPhillips refineries in the Phila. area? Read more

USW refinery workers hold day of action     Read more

Regions summer gasoline supply iffy      Read more

Oil workers to rally at Chevron headquarters Read more

Immediate prospects for Philadelphia's oil refineries are dim Read more

$4 a gallon gasoline coming this spring, and may near 5$ by summer, analysts say Read more

California files appeal in ethanol ruling Read more

The future of refiners foretold Read more

Say goodbye to U.S. ethanol tax breaks and tariffs Read more

After three decades, tax credit for ethanol expires Read more

          december 2011

Boston asked to tackle diesel pollution Read more

Stop changing your oil every 3000 miles already! Read more

California approves rules restricting high-carbon crude Read more

Hydrocarbons' dominance will remain unchallenged by 2040:ExxonMobil              Read more

U.S. drivers spend record amount on gasoline in 2011 Read more

Battle to implement E15 waiver continues   Read more

Local politicians express outrage at Sunoco decision to idle Marcus Hook refinery                           Read more

Refinery safety tops Steelworkers' oil    bargaining goals Read more

Gas exports soar, keeping U.S. pump     prices high Read more

Ethanol sinks as price discourages refiners  from blending Read more

          november 2011

Some think gas boom can reignite Ohio's    manufacturing economy Read more

Why does U.S. export gasoline? Read more

Ironically, Texas may be forced to export unrefined crude by 2012    Read more

            october 2011      

Speculation identified as gas, food price driver Read more

Volkswagen EcoFuel engine runs on gasoline or natural gas Read more

U.S.refinery workers prepare for strike ahead of talks Read more

A white-hot future for oil and gas?       Read more

U.S.alleges $9 million biofuel scheme paid for exotic cars Read more

Ethanol fuel use goal likely a bust, science panel says Read more

Record U.S.gasoline cargoes drive 17% gain in tankers Read more

   Oil speculation seen adding $600 to your gas bill Read more

  One man's battle against big oil         Read more

How North Dakota became Saudi Arabia Read more

september 2011

The split personality of gasoline and diesel Read more

Weeds choke off sunflower bio diesel hopes in North Carolina Read more

    Let them eat ethanol and cash       Read more

Oil refineries seek huge tax refunds     Read more

Are diesel exports keeping U.S. gasoline prices high? Read more

Ethanol advocacy group wants more ethanol Read more

U.S. shale oil could soar, but care needed-report Read more

Gebhart:Hard to believe Sun setting on marcus hook oil refinery Read more

Family firm still struggling, 18 months after Gulf oil spill Read more

Ethanol leak from train derailment prompts evacuations Read more

Anemic corn crop more fuel for ethanol's critics Read more

Dangerous cargo-Ethanol transport via rail gives pause Read more

Sunoco closure could jolt local economy Read more

Tar sands pipeline to serve exports, not U.S. demand Read more

U.S. motorists may spend a record $491 billion for gasoline this year Read more

August heat scorches corn yields, USDA says. What does this mean for ethanol? Read more

Increase of ethanol in gas will cause damage in certain vehicles Read more

Ethanol industry:U.S. has no energy policy Read more

The sticky problem with tar sand oil        Read more

Unemployed? Go to north dakota oil boom country Read more

  august 2011

     Ethanol expects another tough year Read more

Who'll be left holding the bag in PA. ethanol plant's demise? Read more

The unicorn and the fairy:Corn ethanol declares war on cellulose Read more

U.S. expected to become world's top ethanol exporter Read more

Number of cars worldwide surpasses 1 billion Read more

      U.S. EPA pushed on fracking rules        Read more

Backyard biodiesel kit suspected in house fire Read more

Ethanol transport raising concerns        Read more

july 2011

Shale oil boom sends waste gas burn-off soaring Read more

Shell, BP say high oil price erodes demand Read more

Wash. plant restarts biodiesel production, canola crushing Read more

Oil industry pressures white house with new smog study Read more

Chinese man drinks gasoline for 42 years to relieve pain Read more

Oil refinery vice-president pleads guilty to air pollution causing negligent endangerment Read more

 Drinking water seems safe after oil spill, E.P.A. reports Read more

Automakers balk at E.P.A. plan for higher ethanol-fuel Read more

Release of oil from U.S. strategic reserve questioned Read more

Bad gas could lead to problems for boat engines Read more

E.P.A. approval of E15 may be a mistake, witnesses tell House panel Read more

More trouble ahead for ethanol lobby     Read more

Debris and heavy flow of water hamper clean up of oil in Yellowstone River      Read more

Brazil may reduce ethanol blend in gasoline to 18%:report Read more

june 2011

Industry warns gas prices would rise $.89 without ethanol?-barley true? Read more

E15 ethanol:bridge to tomorrow, or bridge to nowhere? Read more

New ethanol blended gasoline likely problematic for boats, older vehicles, small equipment Read more

E.P.A. drastically cuts cellulosic ethanol requirement in fuel for 2012 Read more

Ethanol backlash:What does it mean for refiners? Read more

Worst drought in more than a century strikes Texas oil boom Read more

Antibiotics in ethanol? Just say no.       Read more

Biofuel businesses protest new protections for kitchen grease Read more

BP:China surpasses U.S as world's largest energy consumer Read more

E85 ethanol in the US:Dead or alive?     Read more

Saudi Arabia seeks $70 to $80 oil to preserve sales to west Read more

 may 2011

Shell builds refinery that is largest floating object in the world Read more

Brazilian imports of US ethanol soars    Read more

Gas stations:We're the gouging victims Read more

Oregon firefighters extinguish ethanol train derail blaze Read more

Widowmaker oil trade lives up to its name Read more

Colorado petroleum distributors mixed illegal gasoline in tanker trucks Read more

Boat owners find ethanol-gasoline fuel mix can be a costly cocktail Read more

april 2011

Drivers seek ethanol-free gasoline        Read more

Washington state legislature considering electric-vehicle fee Read more

Fishermen, seafood industry still recovering from oil spill Read more

Earth Day movie-GasHole Read more

Rescuers honored for saving Deepwater Horizon oil rig workers Read more

Study addresses sustainability of algae biodiesel Read more

$2 a gallon biodiesel, where are the buyers? Read more

Corn slips from biofuel throne  Read more

Americans apply brakes as gasoline prices soar Read more

One year after tragedy, agency urges oil refineries to invest in safety Read more

Abundant and cheap, natural gas gains favor as alternative to oil Read more

march 2011     

   Drivers fuming over biofuel push        Read more      Read more

Crude oil to natural gas ratio at extreme levels Read more

Hydrofluoric acid risk at oil refineries Read more

U.S. gasoline price jump biggest since Katrina Read more

911 call made over gasoline price hike  Read more

february 2011

   Saudi King:"We will pump more oil"      Read more

How ethanol production could make for crumbly corn chips Read more

Grassley and ethanol: Industry loses key ally in deficit battle Read more

Record glut of oil refineries selling at 80% discount Read more

House bars E15 from gas pumps Read more

Clean-up begins after ethanol train derailment and blast   Read more

Flagrant violations alleged before blast      that killed 6 at Tesoro oil refinery          Read more

Biodiesel boom catches drivers in grease trap               Read more

     Newt Gingrich-Professor Cornpone?        Read more 

january 2011

Ethanol plants escape CO2 rules Read more

      EPA backs broader use of ethanol         Read more

Ethanol industry proposes gentler E15 "warning" label Read more

Ethanol more expensive than regular gasoline  Read more

Senators supporting ethanol subsidies reap riches from corn industry Read more

Battle for acres:Soybeans vs Corn        Read more

Oil refineries sue EPA over ethanol plan Read more

Ethanol DDG dispute with China looms large Read more

december 2010

Former Shell Oil president sees $5 gallon gasoline in US by 2012 Read more

 Sunoco agrees to disclose more refinery safety data Read more

Ethanol industry receives incentives for the holidays Read more

Oil rig explosion in New Orleans injured 3 workers Read more

Is corn ethanol a dirty word? Read more

november 2010

 Al Gore's 'Mistake' Read More

         Al Gore's important admission        Read more

U.S.-produced subsidized ethanol exports are at a record Read more

Hemp biofuel blazes competition          Read more

Groups sue over EPA's ethanol decision Read more

U.S ethanol credit may be cut by house republicans Read more

october 2010

Halloween BP oil spill costume a hot seller Read more

Ethanol "mass confusion" Read more

Transocean is cutting injured rig workers pay to $25 a day Read more

Clock clicking down on U.S. ethanol subsidies Read more

E15 Conundrum Read more

U.S. EPA said to permit blending more ethanol into gasoline      Read more

 More ethanol to be allowed in cars Read more

Ethanol producers attempt to heal rift, unify goals Read more

U.S. ethanol shoots up on surprise corn shortfall Read more

OK for E15 likely, but drivers may not notice Read more

september 2010

Ethanol, EPA fuel anger among boaters Read more

Liability, label issues could deflect retailer, consumer interest in E15 Read more

 Ethanol backers cite need for wider U.S support Read more

Large study will examine oil spill's health effects Read more

The lesson from rising ethanol prices     Read more

Deficit hawks threaten ethanol's future Read more

Louisiana's love-hate relationship with the oil industry Read more

EPA investigates benzene problems at BP texas city refinery Read more

Blending less than 80 percent bio fuel makes petroleum dirtier    Read more

Oil spill cleanup:After digging deep to kill well, BP faces a long climb Read more

Gasoline trumps electricity in fuel -efficient auto contest Read more

Ethanol industry backed study on E15 is questioned Read more

BP's oil well near death, but disaster is not over Read more

U.S. ethanol industry calls on congress and consumers to help retire OPEC Read more

Alabama says BP denies its claim over oil spill Read more

 EPA emission rules could hinder ethanol Read more

Ethanol-"It's just a nightmare"    Read more

Failed BP oil blowout preventer raised from ocean floor Read more

Ethanol co-products hitting "feedwall"    Read more

Bankrupt ethanol co. wants refund from corn farmers Read more

Fire out, no sheen visible at gulf oil platform  Read more

Ethanol price surpasses gasoline for first time since december    Read more

august 2010

 With neighbors unaware, toxic spill at a BP refinery Read more

New study links toxic pollutants to canadian oil sands mining        Read more

 Ethanol free:more gas stations have pure fuel Read more

BP to remove failed blowout preventer Read more

No more ethanol for America, please    Read more

Gulf oil spill:BP corporate culture at center of hearings Read more

Lack of biodiesel incentive closes another plant Read more

Results don't back ethanol       Read more

BP sued in Texas-polluting for profits? Read more

Fuel research becomes "hunt for miracles" Read more

UK fuel expert:ethanol makes US drivers more smelly and angry Read more

Biodiesel mandates cause backup generator problems Read more

Refiners say low-carbon laws worse than cap-and-trade Read more

Oil plumes may be more toxic than thought, scientist warn Read more

BP oil spill:Final gulf of mexico well seal delayed Read more

july 2010

Ethanol-free gas running on fumes       Read more

8th generation Gulf oysterman: no relief until all the oil is gone Read more

Ethanol subsidy renewal in doubt         Read more

Vast amounts of methane in gulf spill pose threat Read more

Ethanol industry scrambles to keep incentives Read more

BP to cut payments to 40,000 claims of individuals affected by oil spill, cites paperwork problems Read more

Ethanol industry changing it's strategy   Read more 

EPA postpones ruling on more ethanol in gasoline Read more 

june 2010

Oil spill to end family fishing business? Read more

Dispersal of oil means cleanup to take years, official says Read more

 BP boycotts hurt local stations Read more

Oil appears near Alabama beach town and Pensacola Bay Read more

Oil spill shuts nations oldest oyster-shucking company Read more

may 2010

   Are U.S. ethanol exports at the expense of enhanced national energy security?  Read more

U.S./Brazil ethanol war goes urban- taking it to the streets          Read more

U.S. ethanol industry asking for another break Read more

BP's gulf battle echoes monster`79 Mexico spill Read more

U.S. ethanol exports rise, even to Mideast Read more     Read more

Worst oil spill nightmare has come true Read more

U.S. petroleum supply glut Read more 

U.S. refiners break april gasoline record-where is it all going? Read more

In the bayou, fish and oil have mixed for decades Read more

 Spill reinforces oil bad will for American Indians Read more

 Bad gas mix-up a nightmare in NY      Read more 

 BP must clarify "intentions" on oil spill clean-up costs:US Read more

Clock ticking on ethanol production credit Read more

Oil spill flashback-deja vu? Read more

Corn belt universities warn of impending collapse of ethanol industry Read more

Oil in the Gulf has countless livelihoods in limbo Read more

Oil rig blowout blame game begins       Read more

Test shows raising ethanol blend to E15 could damage engines  Read more

Oil regulators ceded oversight to drillers Read more

 Automakers seek to delay ethanol blending raise Read more

april 2010

Oil Rig Blowout Update: Coast Guard on oil spill-"this is very serious" Read more

Blowout: BP's deadly oil rig disaster    Read more

7th person dies from Wash. state refinery fire Read more

 Home-brew biodiesel poses fire hazards, officials calling for regulation Read more

The high cost of offshore oil drilling-Deepwater Horizon oil rig sinks in Gulf  Read more

The "beef" with ethanol Read more 

Arizona man burned making homemade biodiesel Read more

U.S. climate bill seen raising gasoline prices Read more

Ethanol industry at war with itself

Read more      Read more  

Gasoline will be "king" of transportation fuels for decades Read more

Ethanol tax credits face stiff fight        Read more

U.S. farmers heavily invested in ethanol future Read more    Read more

U.S. biodiesel industry still floundering without $1-per-gallon tax credit Read more

Anacortes WA refinery blast kills 5        Read more

Turnabout: Exxon sues U.S. for oil dumping Read more

Wall St. is driving up oil prices Read more

march 2010

U.S. Biodiesel bailout? Read more

Are Americans entering new age of fuel price spikes/shortages? Read more

U.S. gasoline consumers are fools-fuelguru comments...Read more

End of the road for U.S. refiners? *Update!* Read more

      End of the road for U.S. refiners?           Read more     Read more

Homebrew bio-diesel blaze Read more

february 2010

Ethanol and the looming blend wall      Read more

Retailers may balk at E15 gasoline       Read more

Cap and trade crumbling? Read more

U.S. Biodiesel industry in "immediate need" of help Read more  Read more

Loss of stimulus aid hurts ethanol industry Read more

january 2010

Biodiesel benefits miners Read more

Refining sector needs to close 7 million barrels per day of capacity Read more

Gasoline branding shell game Read more

Brazil reduces ethanol content in gasoline Read more

New year, new troubles for biodiesel     Read more          Read more

december 2009

California's "Climategate" Read more

Drowning in oil Read more

Biodiesel plant explodes Read more

november 2009

How does 5% biodiesel make this story "green"...what??? Read more

Shady side of biodiesel Read more

How did crude oil go from $40 to $80 a barrel? Read more

Refiners play hardball with ethanol industry Read more

Ethanol saga continues...Read more

Biodiesel saga continues...Read more

october 2009

Refiners battle slump Read more

How wall street will kill the recovery Read more

Brazil drivers ditch biofuel over high sugar costs Read more

september 2009

Excess ethanol blamed in breakdown of police cars Read more

Ethanol safety is a growing concern Read more

august 2009

House climate bill would boost reliance on foreign gasoline-Industry study Read more

Massachusetts bans non-waste biodiesel Read more

Higher blends require higher quality ethanol Read more

july 2009

AAA calls for the EPA to reject petition to increase ethanol content in gasoline Read more

Toyota manager likens ethanol to "The dumbest kid in the school" Read more

Will feds use new power to dictate what you drive? Read more

june 2009

City of Seattle halts biodiesel purchases Read more

Woman killed fleeing ethanol train derailment, blast Read more

Natural gas cheapest to oil since 1992 Read more

Truckdriver dies in fiery ethanol crash Read more

Antibiotic problem haunts biofuels Read more

 may 2009

Ethanol saga continues Read more

Shell faces trial over crimes against humanity claims Read more

LUST-leaking underground storage tanks Read more

New EPA rule bad news for biodiesel Read more

The trouble with ethanol-fire!...Read more 

april 2009

Paper industry uses alternative fuel loophole to suck billions from taxpayers Read more

Pork producers want to know effects of ethanol production on economy before policies changed Read more

Refiners call for halt to ethanol mandate Read more

Fire points to problems in regulating backyard biodiesel operations Read more

Antibiotics pose concern for ethanol industry Read more

march 2009 

U.S. gasoline prices seen rising ahead of summer Read more

Motor makers wary of ethanol increase Read more

EU imposes duties on U.S. biodiesel imports Read more

february 2009

Big oil says not to blame for rising pump prices Read more

Vehicle warranties against biodiesel use might be invalid Read more

EU raises stakes in biodiesel battle with U.S. Read more

january 2009

Disaster in the making? The contango oil trade Read more

Gasoline refiners paying to not use ethanol Read more

Oil/chemical giant files for bankruptcy  protection       Read more 

Salt water fuel Watch

Obama= $8-a-gallon gasoline? Read more

Ethanol push has hunters crying foul (fowl) Read more

Polluters drilling for respect on campus  Read More

Biofuel battle royal-consumers pay in a big way  Read more 

december 2008 

Unlikely groups combine to push more ethanol testing  Read more

 N.H legislator considers banning ethanol Read more.

Ethanol industry looks for bailout-wants "blending wall" removed. Read more.

Ethanol tanker fire closes Massachusetts Turnpike   Read more.

 Failing to replace $2 part costs Exxon Mobil $6.1 million after diesel fuel spill      Read more.

Judge hears case on ethanol loading station  Read more.

november 2008

Bio diesel scam-U.S. taxpayers funding European bio diesel supply Read more.

"March Point" airs on PBS Read more.

Farmers wonder - what happened to ethanol promise? Read more.

Hangover time in ethanol industry Read more.

Bio-Town USA plans on hold Read more.

Why ethanol will never work out Read more.

Ethanol giant VeraSun files bankruptcy Read more.

october 2008

Ethanol's use outstrips plans to deal with its risks Read more.

Pump pains: when do falling gas prices become a problem? Read more.

Splash blending can put too much ethanol in your fuel tank Read more.

 Splash blending of biodiesel also creates problems Read more.

 Economy crushes biofuel projects  Read more.

USDA may bail out ethanol industry. Read more.

 summer 2008

Gone fishing...Good Luck! Read more.

may 2008

Is price spike bursting gasoline bubble, or expanding it? Read more

Unhealthy ozone level detected in Kansas park   Read more.

Why are gasoline prices so low?..a different point of view
Nigeria oil rebels say mulling Obama truce appeal
Gusher of Lies-The Dangerous Delusions of "Energy Independence"Read more on fuelguruTM blog 

Rockefeller family challenges Exxon Mobil Read more.

april 2008 
A government engineered food crisis
Food crisis starts eclipsing climate change worries
Gasoline refiners slow output to Katrina-level lows.
Livestock producers want legislators to repeal ethanol law.
Canada says no to ethanol waste as cow feed, and more
The current state of bio-diesel.
Boats damaged by ethanol in gas.