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Jim Russo, founder of fuelguruTM, pays tribute to former Executive Vice President of Hart Energy and noted worldwide clean fuels advocate.                                     "Fred Potter did more to help further the fuelguruTM mission than any other person or organization in the auto/oil business. He was a true gentleman in an otherwise very tough business." JAMES RUSSO                View Hart Energy memorial to Fred Potter. 

January 2018-James Russo releases updated and expanded 'Alkylate, The Future of Clean Gasoline 2018' white paper. Inquire about purchasing!

March 2016-James Russo releases updated 'Alkylate, The Future of Clean Gasoline 2016' white paper.  

 July 2014-James Russo writes 'Alkylate-The Future of Clean Gasoline' for CB&I/Lummus

February 2014-James Russo explains Diesel Fuel Performance Standards with Professional Mariner Magazine

November 21, 2013-Jim Russo presented 'Diesel Fuel Performance Standards' at the 2013 Pacific Marine Expo

September 21, 2011, Jim Russo brings independent third party leadership to the historic Hart Energy Conference in Washington, DC-                           'The Future of Transportation Fuels in the U.S.'

October 2010-ANNOUNCING!!  Jim Russo kicked off three days of technical presentations in the Alternative and Advanced Fuels session matrix with his fuelguru TM concept at the                              2010 SAE International Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting

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November 2009-Jim Russo first introduces the fuelguruTM concept at  the                             2009 SAE International Powertrains, Fuels, and Lubricants Meeting 

>>>April 29, 2008 fuelguruTM is launched!!!

If you are a consumer of transportation fuel, you probably have a lot more questions than answers right now.

fuelguruTM is an unbiased third party advocating competition and cooperation among auto and oil companies towards higher quality transportation fuels and vehicle maintenance programs for the benefit of the consumer and the environment. This strategy is backed by stakeholder education, training and information exchange.

Transportation industry professionals such as gasoline and diesel distributors, fleet operators and vehicle service personnel should educate themselves about fuel to make better fuel-related decisions that could improve vehicle performance, reduce fuel consumption and minimize emissions. Find out more about transportation fuel programs.

Please, be a responsible consumer and at least educate yourself on the basics of gasoline detergency and vehicle maintenance.

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Established 2008

What everyone should know about gasoline and diesel fuel

The Future of Clean Gasoline and Diesel Fuel= NoCrude... read more 

Jim Russo, through fuelguruTM , promotes ultra-clean, natural gas derived synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels as the solution to the tremendous global vehicle/transportation fueled toxic urban smog crisis, as well as the best way to move away from crude oil.

Since most vehicle systems are computerized, fuel is one of the few remaining components that should be addressed with vehicle maintenance. What should my dealer provide when servicing my vehicle?

Clean gasoline and diesel fuels mean clean engines. Clean engines mean better vehicle performance and better environmental air quality. What are clean gasoline and diesel fuels?


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