Gasoline Detergency, Vehicle Maintenance and Ethanol Integration

 Since most vehicle systems are computerized, fuel is one of the few remaining components that should be addressed with vehicle maintenance. What should my dealer provide when servicing my vehicle?

No longer can vehicle maintenance be left up to service personnel uneducated about fuel. Performance claims from fuel and lubrication suppliers need to be verified in partnership with people who work on vehicles. The best way to achieve this goal is through trained service personnel that can convey information both up the chain of command to the big decision makers, and down to the level the consumer can understand.  The transportation fuel industry needs guidance and motivation to do the right thing. This will come from consumer education. The educated consumer will be called on to drive this unprecedented market change.  
A main fact of the automobile dealer service industry is-every service center is its own independent service business, and non-warranty vehicle service maintenance is determined by the individual dealers. Most aftermarket service centers also make service profits by selling volume. Usually what happens is one of two things, either:
* The customer is oversold maintenance services, especially oil changes or,
* The customer is undersold, i.e. the cheapest possible products and services are used to keep the cost down, usually resulting in much higher overall cost of ownership and decreased vehicle value because of major system degradation or failure.
Either way, there is a need to dictate vehicle service for the benefit of the customer. Every service should include a diagnostic scan of the engine oil to determine a service interval based on the customer's driving habits and the performance of the chosen lubricants. A visual inspection of internal engine components can be easily done with a tool known as a boroscope, and this inspection will determine the keep-clean effectiveness of the fuels and lubricants the customer has chosen.

Information and training of vehicle service personnel will bring essential information about advanced fuel and lubrication products and services to the consumer with the fuelguruTM seal of approval.

The fuelguruTM brand can be thought of as the independent third party seal of approval for fuels and lubricants, as well as vehicle maintenance programs. fuelguruTM will drive the auto and oil industry by building consumer demand for a holistic approach to fuels, lubricants and vehicle maintenance programs to make a real impact towards worldwide economic and environmental recovery. fuelguruTM will work to promote the concept of "fair trade oil" in the worldwide market-people will be happier, healthier, wealthier, and certainly wiser and more peaceful using fuelguruTM recommended products and services.

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